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Take our ten-step strategic networking program or just choose what works for you!


1. Enroll in a COURSE

Deep-dive strategic networking courses that teach professionals how to thrive and flourish throughout their career

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2. Join a GROUP

Attend our strategic networking group meetings to connect with professionals in local regions or national focus groups

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3. Attend a WORKSHOP

Participate in advanced strategic networking workshops for extensive training and to engage with an exclusive community

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4. Connect with our APP

Tap into the premier features of the Tipclub App like "challenges" and "favors" to take your networking to the next level

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5. Read our BLOG

Check out  The Strategic Networker blog weekly to learn key insights and valuable strategies


6. Listen to our PODCAST

Learn from our strategic networking podcast to uncover valuable tips and innovative techniques


7. Tap into our LISTS

Harness the attributes of our strategic business lists to target new clients and grow your business

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8. Pair up with a COACH

Collaborate with a strategic coach for encouragement and support

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9. Work with our CONSULTANTS

Discover your perfect strategic networking plan to increase sales and grow profits

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10. Become a LEADER

Explore our leadership programs to help you grow personally and professionally

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Tipclub is a Network of Networks

  • Local networks - In person or virtual
  • Online networks - app or website
  • Industry networks - government, healthcare...
    We have the strategic networks for you!

Tipclub, Designed to be Perpetually Valued

We built a business networking app and platform
that's useful throughout a professional’s career.

Tipclub is a Different Kind of Business Networking Company

We are the world’s first strategic networking organization! It's networking customized for you!

"The most basic problem with traditional networking ... everyone is playing a different game, which is why there are usually no clear winners."

Derek Coburn, Harvard Business Review


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