My Big Experiment! 100 Days of Social Networking

Oct 12, 2023

Over the last 25 years, I've developed a strategic networking model through my experience with business networking. I was recently asked, "Isn't social networking part of strategic networking?" Hmm...


After sitting on the sidelines for the last 20 years, I’ve decided to take the plunge into a committed relationship with social media and networking.  

Starting today, I pledge to post on social media with commitment (100 days) and consistency (daily) until the end of the year.

My goals are simple - to provide content that is valuable (educational, helpful, or rewarding) and interesting (entertaining, inspirational, or thought-provoking).

My objective is to give social networking an honest effort without wasting time (an hour a day) or getting distracted (going down social media rabbit holes).

I’m calling it my “100-Day Social Networking Project”. 

Today, as I am sending out my first newsletter, I keep reminding myself…

Worst case, I will learn a ton about what NOT to do on social media (which I will share with those who hang in there with me). 

Best case, I get a few followers and make some life-long friends.

An important goal for me is to gauge my progress and monitor my posts to see how I can improve and get better.

My ultimate purpose is to help people, grow as a person, and make the world a better place.

The bad news is that social networks have been plagued with fake news, privacy concerns, and abusive behaviors.

The good news is that social media continues to evolve and get better in many ways.


Old Way: Burn, Churn, & Spurn 

1. Activity - Get users with fake postings, spam, and clickbait

2. Outcome - Users get frustrated and leave

3. Result - Brand resentment and contempt


New way: Learn, Earn, & Return

1. Activity - Learn and improve with authentic content

2. Outcome - Grow and monetize with happy followers

3. Result - Build brand loyalty and trust with returning users


I decided to use many of the major platforms for my experiment, ranging from my most active and successful (LinkedIn with 24k connections) to those with virtually no activity or followers (Threads and Instagram)

Below are the actual subscribers I have today on each platform and the frequency I plan to post:

1. LinkedIn - 24,199 followers, post daily

2. Twitter - 425 followers, post daily

3. Facebook - 1,544 followers, post daily

4. Instagram - 147 followers, post daily

5. Threads - 14 followers, post daily

For my weekly postings, I will focus on long-form content that includes my strategies, observations, and real world experiences.

For my daily postings, I will use short-form content and share networking tips I’ve accumulated over the years with a dash of humor or inspiration.

I believe that even if I fail I succeed.

Will you join me on my journey?