Welcome to the Tipclub Community Board

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Welcome to the Tipclub Community Board!

This is a place for you to learn and connect with our community, nationwide. Here are a few things you should know...

How it Works

  1. CIRCLE (left navigation bar) is like a chat board and is a public post.
  2. The private chat feature is on the upper right corner.
  3. Use @ and # to tag other people, industries, and locations.
  4. You can post a video or photo with any of your posts.
  5. Watch the Announcement Bar (top of the page) to stay "in the know" on what's coming up.
  6. Join us for challenges  and meetups to achieve your strategic networking goals and win prizes!

Community Guidelines:

  1. Tipclub is all about people helping people. We know that quality business relationships come when there is a baseline of the "know, like, trust," factor. Community board posts are ONLY to be of service to others in your community.
  2. This board is *NOT* to be used to directly sell to others. Engaging in this practice will result in your removal from the board. Feel free to take sales conversations offline.
  3. Any personal information shared/gathered (i.e. email addresses) from other members should happen PRIVATELY through the chat function.
  4. Under the FTC's CAN-SPAM Act, you do not need consent prior to adding users located in the US to your mailing list or sending them commercial messages, however, it is *mandatory* that you provide users with a clear means of opting out of further contact.


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