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Strategic Networking on LinkedIn with a FREE Account


The Complete Guide to Grow and Monetize the Free Version of a Basic LinkedIn Account


 LAUNCH DATE: March 15, 2024


The Full Curriculum


INTRO: Course Introduction

  • Welcome!
  • My Journey
  • Why LinkedIn?
  • My Approach


BASICS: Master the LinkedIn Basics

  • Homepage - How to Get Started & Stay Organized
  • Profile - Create a High-Powered & Strategic Profile
  • My Network - Key Insights to Find & Grow Connections


FUNDAMENTALS: Find the Riches in the Niches

  • Search - Tap Into Powerful Search Techniques
  • Groups - The Secrets Behind LinkedIn Groups
  • Company Pages -Discover New Opportunities with Companies


STRATEGIES: Cool Strategies with Key LinkedIn Features

  • Polls - Using LinkedIn Polls to Qualify Users & Build Your Pipeline
  • Newsletters - Using LinkedIn Newsletters for Inbound Marketing
  • Events - Using LinkedIn Events to Meet Potential Clients


CONTENT: Create a Successful Content Strategy

  • Content Strategy - Establish Authority, Curate, or Report 
  • Content Creation - Thinking Differently & Become a Thought Leader
  • Content Matrix - What it is & How it Helps


TOOLS: LinkedIn Tools You Need to Know

  • AI & ChatGPT - Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence on LinkedIn
  • Analytics - Monitor Your Performance & Gain Key Insights
  • Automation - What is the Value? Is it Worth the Risk? 


ACTIVITIES: Think Outside the Box with your LinkedIn Activities

  • Messaging - The Do’s and Don'ts of LinkedIn Messaging
  • Commenting - Build a Commenting Strategy for Passive Growth
  • Following - The Importance of Following and Having Followers
  • Recommendations - Are LinkedIn Recommendations Important & Worth Your Time?
  • Tagging - How to Use Tags &  Hashtags Strategically


HIDDEN GEMS: The Top Ten Little Known Secrets of LinkedIn

  • Connect with a Favor - The Benjamin Franklin Effect
  • Be Memorable - The Power of Storytelling
  • LinkedIn Hacks - How to Avoid LinkedIn Limits & Restrictions
  • The Strength of Weak Ties - The Power of Weak Connections
  • Experimental Networking -The Value of Testing
  • LinkedIn Quality - How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Post
  • LinkedIn Quantity - Is it a Numbers Game?
  • The LinkedIn Algorithm - The Importance of Relevance
  • Selling on LinkedIn - Sell More by Selling Less
  • The Greatest Value on LinkedIn - It's Not What You Think ...


POWER TIPS: Impactful Tips & Techniques to Thrive on LinkedIn

  • THE 3 R's - Why Repurposing, Restructuring, and Reverse Engineering Content is a Game-Changer 
  • THE 4 P’s - Focus on the 4P’s to Build your LinkedIn Foundation
  • THE ABC’s - Implement the ABC Philosophy for Long-Term Success
  • THE HOOK - How to Use a Hook to Engage with the Right Users
  • THE FUNNEL - Build a LinkedIn Funnel to Streamline Your Efforts


CONCLUSION: Final Thoughts & Predictions on the Future of LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Support - Getting Help Shouldn't Be This Difficult!
  • Innovative LinkedIn Features - Live! Audio! And Video!  Oh, My!
  • Gamification on LinkedIn - Do You Want to Play a game?
  • LinkedIn the Matchmaker - Matchmaking? Dating?  What’s Next?
  • Virtual Reality on LinkedIn - Beam Me Up, Scotty!


UPDATES: LinkedIn’s Latest Updates & New Features

  • Beware of the LinkedIn Squeeze - Watch Out! LinkedIn Wants Your Money!